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PureOne Services are The Hoarding Experts and are your locally owned and operated hoarding cleanup company. We have years of experience cleaning up a variety of unpleasant situations ensuring a responsible and professional solution to restoring your home or loved ones back to normal.

We provide Connecticut, Georgia, Massachusetts, Missouri, Minnesota, Rhode Island and Wisconsin with professional and compassionate hoarding cleanup services to families during stressful situations.  We understand that hoarding cleanup is a job best left to certified professionals who are trained, equipped, and mentally prepared to step in and take care of unpleasant and potentially dangerous materials.

Our restoration hoarding experts are trained to work under these situations with clarity and understanding to help you feel comfortable with our remediation and restoration processes.

If you are experiencing a hoarding situation, we can help! From clutter removal ot animal hoarding services – The Hoarding Experts are here for you! CALL US NOW!

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Hoarding Cleanup Company

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I was the victim of a hoarder who rented my home in Lawrenceville, Georgia. After my initial call, Patrick Apoian contacted me. Patrick called me within an hour and was at my house on Sunday morning. He immediately reassured me that he would do everything he could to get my home back to normal – and he did not disappoint! From the first day, they made amazing progress and had everything done in record time, all the while, keeping me informed of the process. Patrick went above and beyond what was required, and I could not be more grateful for that.Thank you again for all your help, it meant the world to me.


Amazing. A 90-year-old friend of ours recently had a heart attack and moved to a nursing home. We went to his house which we found to be floor to rafters in the basement and in the garage of junk (he collected old electronics–toxic waste). The main floor was 4 feet deep of trash pierced with small footpaths of trash, empty food containers, more electronics, dirty laundry, moldy furniture etc. Literally tons of debris. (We let the church and family take what he gave to them) Todd was prompt and professional. Their anonymous white truck-kept backing up again and again to the garage-several trips per day for a week and then they did a thorough clean on the empty house. It was on budget and on time but also with professional attention to privacy and sadness.

Steven M

So my husband and I are moving into a 200-year-old farmhouse apartment that hadn’t been lived in a couple years. Needless to say, some mice had made a lovely condo there and though they had relocated, their parting gifts were all over the house.

Enter PureOne Services, or as my husband called them, the Navy Seals of mouse poop. They went ABOVE AND BEYOND and there are no words to adequately describe the level of wonderful they were. Friendly, chill and concerned for us and our family above all else. We cannot thank them enough, from the first phone call with Joe to the amazing work with Justin and Damon. And a special thank you to Matt for helping us out. Amazing doesn’t do you guys justice, you gave us our peace of mind.

Love, love love, C and S, and God Bless!!

Corrine Savenelli

Get Your Life Back To Normal With Our Hoarding Cleanup Services!

The Hoarding Experts of Pure One Services are a full-service restoration company that can handle each aspect of the job from the basement to the roof – and everything in between. Our technicians are certified professionals prepared to restore your home or loved ones to a normal state.

We provide our 24/7 emergency services – to ensure our clients a responsible and fast-acting restoration company available at all times of the day!